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Homeowners are not the only ones who have to keep the state of their foundation in mind. Commercial buildings—like office buildings and malls—can also be faced with foundation problems. Unlike with homes, though, commercial foundation problems can lead to a number of serious problems and even put people in danger.

The Importance of Well-Built Walls

Stable walls are incredibly important to any home or building. But, commercial structures are especially reliant on the strength and stability of the walls, due to their overall size. Unlike homes, however, walls in commercial buildings are not made from a wooden or brick structure. For these types of buildings, the walls need to be much sturdier in order to support the weight of the various floors.

Sometimes the walls are made using big masonry blocks placed in a staggered pattern, which helps provide extra stability. The other type of wall buildings may have is a poured concrete wall. While both of these types of walls are built to be stable and last for years, over time the structure may begin to suffer and a commercial foundation repair may be required.

Commercial Foundation Problems

When it comes to looking for commercial foundation problems, it is important that you look at the walls of the building. If it appears like the walls are beginning to bow—walls the seem to curve inward—then there are structural problems forming. While bowing walls may not seem bad at first sight, over time if they go unfixed, then it can lead to anything from plumbing to foundation problems. It will also seriously affect the structural integrity of them home, which can make for a dangerous situation. For that reason, it is incredibly important that a commercial foundation repair is done as soon as a problem is discovered, that way you can avoid having to deal with bigger problems and bigger repairs.

The Commercial Foundation Repair Methods

When it comes to commercial foundation repair, the main method that is used is wall stabilization. This means that the work crew will work to reinforce the overall integrity of the building’s wall structure. The exact method of stabilizing the wall will depend on the severity of the wall damage. Generally, however, common wall repair methods a company will use include using wall anchors, epoxy crack injections, wall braces or helical tiebacks. However, to be absolutely sure of the wall’s reinforced stability, a combination of these methods may be used.

Do Not Wait—Make the Call

Do not hesitate when it comes to commercial foundation repair. Waiting too long will only allow for problems to get worse and require much bigger repairs. So, call the experienced and certified foundation repair company today to get a consultation for the work. Then, do not hesitate to schedule the job; it may take a few days, but it is well-worth it in the long run, to keep your building safe and stable, and to ensure the safety of anyone that goes inside.