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  • Some Questions About Foundation Repair

    Some Questions About Foundation Repair

    POSTED BY ON June 29, 2020 WITH 0 COMMENT

    All homeowners and building owners face challenges. The key is to catch any problems before they go too far. Uneven floors, cracked drywall, and water damage… As a homeowner or building owner, these are not signs you want to see. But they do happen, and they’re all signs of potential foundation issues.  You’ve literally built […] Continue Reading

  • foundation repair older homes

    Common Foundation Repair Issues with Older Homes in Texas

    POSTED BY ON December 11, 2019 WITH 0 COMMENT

    Older structures have particularly unique problems when it comes to foundation repair. The key point of interest being the age of the structure and how the stress and activity of movement may affect other aspects of the building. Now what is an older home is subjective and up for debate, but with new building codes […] Continue Reading

  • Buyer Beware – Foundation Repair Stories #1

    Buyer Beware – Foundation Repair Stories #1

    POSTED BY ON October 19, 2019 WITH 0 COMMENT

    We recently engaged a customer that was in a very serious predicament and really something that presents an opportunity for learning. We always stress that as a buyer, you should perform your own due diligence when buying a home from a seller. If you notice foundation issues, and the seller informs you that they are […] Continue Reading

  • Foundation Repair – Buyers, Sellers and Homeowners Motivations.

    Foundation Repair – Buyers, Sellers and Homeowners Motivations.

    POSTED BY ON September 20, 2019 WITH 0 COMMENT

    As a foundation repair company we come in contact with many different people who have different motives for their foundation repair needs. In our world, there are sellers and homeowners and then outside of that there are real estate agents and commercial clients. Each has a different motive for why they want a repair to […] Continue Reading

  • The structural engineer report and your foundation repair

    POSTED BY ON August 31, 2019 WITH 0 COMMENT

    The structural engineer report is a crucial document in ensuring that specifications as to the appropriate method to correct problem are employed. The foundation of your home, business or other structure is perhaps one of the most important aspects of a building which houses your operations, family, or other vitally important consideration. Continue Reading

  • We offer free foundation estimates! Here is why

    POSTED BY ON July 31, 2019 WITH 0 COMMENT

    We offer free Foundation estimates to homeowners and also sellers who may be looking to sell their home to a buyer. And this is an area that remains pretty straightforward. We offer the free estimates in order to help homeowners better understand and assess the extent of the foundational issues that they might be experiencing. Continue Reading

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