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If you believe that there are drainage problems on your property, then it is important that you get the problem inspected and fixed with drainage correction. These sorts of problems can arise even if you have a drainage system installed. Ignoring it can lead to serious damage to your property and foundation, so it is important that you take the situation seriously can have someone come out to inspect and fix the problem.

Signs You Need Drainage Correction

There are a number of different signs that can alert you of a drainage problem on your property. One thing to watch for are puddles or pools of water around your property after a rainstorm, as that is a sign that the water is not able to flow away from your foundation well. If you have a basement, then you may notice dark water stains on the walls, which is a sign that water runoff is causing damage to your property when it should not be. Your basement or crawlspace may also begin appearing moldy due to consistent moisture, and improper drainage.

Finally, the biggest sign that you may need drainage correction is if you begin seeing problems with your foundation. This includes finding cracks in it, on basement walls, and around windows and door frames. You may also struggle to open or close doors and windows.

The French Drain Method

While there are a number of different methods of drainage correction, the most common is the french drain. While it may sound like something fancy, it is actually very simple. A french drain involves bringing down the water table and creating a ditch with rocks. Any moisture around the ditch will fall onto the rocks and work its way to the bottom of the ditch, where a pipe will continue moving the water downhill.

Surface Drainage Correction

If you do not have any drainage system, or if your system needs to be replaced, then the company may suggest surface drainage correction. With this method, a system of drains and pipes will be installed in your home, including gutters, a drainage canal, and downspouts. They will also take the necessary steps to waterproof certain areas, such as your basement and windows.

Finally, they will also bring soil into necessary areas and remove anything that may keep water from draining properly. While these are all seemingly simple fixes, a drainage correction professional will know how to perform these fixes in a way that will ensure the problem does not occur again.

If you are suffering from drainage problems, do not hesitate to have the problem fixed. Waiting or ignoring it can cause things to get worse, especially in terms of your foundation. You should also be sure to have drainage correction done before fixing any potential foundation problems. Doing it this way will help you to make sure that all problems get solved the first time. Always hire a certified, experienced professional who will know exactly what correction method would be best for you.