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If your home has a concrete slab foundation, there is a chance that settlement may occur, which can cause major problems and even damage to your home. If you notice signs of slab settlement, then it is important that you do not wait to request a slab foundation repair, otherwise the problem may continue to worsen and end up costing you more money in the long run.

Causes of Slab Foundation Settlement

There are a few reasons why settlement may occur with slab foundation. The most common reason, however, is due to changes in the moisture content and density of the soils the foundation was built on top of. Different types of weather conditions can tend to cause soil to dry and shrink, leaving voids under parts of the foundation. And if the foundation is not strong enough to support itself, it may begin to bow and crack. If the soil was not properly compacted before the foundation was set, this can also cause settlement to occur, as the soil will shift more readily underneath the foundation. Other than that, plumbing leaks can wash soil away, also leaving a void that can cause foundation to crack and settle.

Signs You Need Slab Foundation Repair

Like with any type of foundation, there are some obvious signs of foundation problems. One of the biggest signs are cracks on the floors and wall, which can occur if the foundation has cracked due to voids in the soil. Another thing to be aware of is doors that stick, or give you a difficult time, when opening and closing them. Other signs can include gabs between the baseboards and feeling as if your home is leaning.

If you notice any of things, do not hesitate to call for a slab foundation repair consultation and estimate.

Preparing for the Repair

The slab foundation repair process takes a couple days, depending on the severity of the damage. During the process, the repair crew will work in stages, so that the job gets done properly. First, they will prepare your property for the work by removing any plants or vegetation that are in the way and excavating in certain areas, where they will be making the piers. After that they will take their time in carefully installing and forming the piers, giving them time to really get set. Once the piers are all in place, the crew will take the time to test them for stability and strength, securing them to your home. Finally, the holes that were created to install the piers will get filled in and any plants or vegetation that were removed before will get returned during overall the clean-up process.

Certified Professionals

When it comes to slab foundation repair, you do not have to worry as your home will be in good hands. All foundation repairs will be carried out by highly trained professionals that are careful, courteous, and knowledgeable about what is they are doing. So, you can be sure that your home’s foundation is in good hands.