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Foundation problems are unfortunately very common, and while there are a number of causes, one of the biggest ones are plumbing leaks, which can also occur for any number of reason. While a home is relatively easy to lift hydraulically to allow for work to be done, the same cannot be said for a commercial structure. Because of this, it requires some creativity on the part of the repair company. This is where the idea of tunneling services comes in.

What is Tunneling Service?

With slab foundations and commercial buildings, you may automatically assume that work would require tearing up the floors and foundation. But, that is not really the case. Tunneling service is another method used to make repairs, where the crew will actually go under the foundation, rather than from the top. This method of repairing plumbing or other home problems helps to ensure that the interior of the building is left undisturbed since all the work is done from outside. While you may not hear about it often, it is actually a fairly common practice, particularly for commercial building repairs.

Advantages to Consider

There are a few advantages that come with tunneling service to keep in mind. As mentioned before, one of the biggest advantages of using this method is the simple fact that all the work is done from the outside, leaving the interior of the building free from potential damage. Another advantage to this method is that you are able to avoid breaking up a large portion of your foundation. This means there is way less mess and damage done to your foundation, which also saves a lot of money.

A third major benefit to consider is that you do not have to worry about shutting down work while the repairs are happening because the overall interference will be very minimal. In fact, some people may not even realize there is even repair work taking place.

Residential Tunneling Service

While commercial buildings have a big need for tunneling service, it is not only available for them. Homeowners who have a slab foundation can request a repair company use tunneling to avoid any big messes that would otherwise be created. Work will still be done in a timely manner, but there will be much less disruption of your day-to-day activities, and you do not have to worry about workers damaging your home’s floors or foundation just to complete the needed work.

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Whether you are a homeowner with a slab foundation or the owner of a commercial building needing work down, consider requesting tunneling service. While it is a more complex method of repairing things, it will be a massive help in avoiding any big messes that would result from having to go through the floors and foundation of the home or building.

So, when you find yourself in need of work beneath your foundation, ask about tunneling service. It will let you continue with business as normal, and it will save you money in the long run.